Excel Guard Waterproof Bed Bug Mattress Encasement Bonus Pillow Protector

  • $69.00

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The Excel Guard complete top of bed encasement is designed so you can sleep tight because it won't let the bed bugs bite! It is a full mattress encasement- the top, sides and underside of the mattress are completely enclosed by it. The unique zipper enclosure special barrier pocket at the start of the zipper, blocks bed bugs and dust mites from entry or escape. The stretch knite fabric is bonded to a thermal ployurethane backing which allows the fabric to stretch to virtually any mattress size but makes it completely impermable. This unique protective backing prevents any dust mites or bed bugs from getting through and it also prevents any fluids from getting through because it is waterproof. But this special fabric is also very breathable allowing for a restful and comfortable sleep.

  • Health conscious protective anti-bed bug and anti-dust mite barrier;
  • Comes with an exclusive ALL Stain coverage
  • Available 10" or 14" thick but fits up to 16"
  • Includes 2 pillow protectors (twin size includes only 1 pillow protector) in order to ensure complete protection